The Surreal Landscape of Grand Canyon

When you flip through pages of travelers magazine, often you are able to spot some eye-catching landscape of the Grand Canyon. I have only been to the South Rim twice and I still want to go back and immerse myself in that majestic surrounding anytime. Probably my next few checkpoints for Grand Canyon will be the North Rim and West Rim which is famous for the Skywalk. And I love to do a multi-day hike to the bottom of the canyon, along the Colorado River. The South Rim is pretty touristy, especially during summer. But don’t worry, there are enough sights to go around given the massive amount of visitors.

The shuttle-only route which runs along Hermit Road is recommended for day trips, otherwise if you have the time, make the drive to Desert View Lookout. This is one of my favorite lookout point. It offers spectacular views of the canyon, even better during sunsets. I came across a couple having their wedding shots taken there, those shots must be stunning!








IMG_0368Almost time for sunset


IMG_0385Grand Canyon during dusk

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Bryan is a miles chaser by day and travel writer (maybe a vlogger) by night. He prefers to be lost and not found. He travels for adventure, culture and view of the world. His favourite travel philosophy is "Inspiring More to Inspire Others".

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