A Pictorial View of Death Valley

If you are around the west coast of USA, or making a trip to Las Vegas, you can’t miss out Death Valley. It is the lowest and driest point in North America. It offers a different kind of beauty compared to famous National Parks like Yellowstone. I got in Death Valley via CA-190 from Las Vegas. You can go for miles and miles without seeing any single soul around, and that is going to leave you wondering what if your car breaks down in the middle of the desert.

IMG_0346Road to Death Valley



IMG_0401Zabriskie Point


If you think Death Valley looks pretty small, wait till you see my next few pictures.


IMG_0406Spot the human in this picture!




IMG_0419Badwater Basin

IMG_0411Hiking trail within the park


Put it on your bucket list of national parks!


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Bryan is a miles chaser by day and travel writer (maybe a vlogger) by night. He prefers to be lost and not found. He travels for adventure, culture and view of the world. His favourite travel philosophy is "Inspiring More to Inspire Others".

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