Niagara Falls – Which Side Is Better?

Summer’s here, everyone is traveling. You can’t resist the urge to put your passport into use after scanning through Facebook photos of family and friends on vacation, or anywhere else except home. Don’t miss a trip to Niagara Falls, especially the Canadian side. When you are there, you can feel the magnificence of the waterfalls. The roaring of the waterfalls are loud enough to let you wonder how much water are running over the edge. It also reminds you of your presence at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. If you want to get down onto the river and explore the river close-up, go ahead with the great experience but be prepared to get wet.

I explored both sides of Niagara Falls by foot, I walked over the bridge connecting the American and Canadian border because I want to take pictures of the falls from both sides. Please do a check on which nationality can do that because the last I know was that not all passports can just cross the customs on the bridge and back.


209352_10150918818002537_963010035_oView from the bridge linking the border of USA and Canada

241051_10150918818047537_944141414_oYou can see the customs right ahead



271408_10150918818347537_1864188312_oOn the Canadian side




The following stunning pictures are courtesy of my buddy Hugo who explored Niagara falls with me.




970607_10151701500888828_492035334_nOh yes, I’m on the boundary line!


972307_10151701501263828_1103963155_nWhich sides do you prefer?

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  1. May I inform you that on the Canadian side, just along the whole cycling-pedestrian path on the falls viewing side..there are Ontario’s wineries with vineyards, bistros and tasting rms. If one bikes from Port Dalhousie to Fort Erie on the Canadian side, it is if I can recall 50 km. ride one way… but you can ride from Niagara Falls to Fort Erie.. Niagara on the Lake is scenic historic town that’s very pretty only less than 15 km. inland from the falls with more wineries, art galleries and historic early 1800’s heritage houses ,bed ‘n breakfasts.

    We have cycled on several different trips in the Niagara area and always include trips to wineries. One can take a commuter train (Go Train is the name.) from Toronto to Niagara Falls on weekends until late fall. Summer includes a bike car train for bikes. Cost effective.

    More reading about your Canadian neighbours!

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