Street Photography (Seville)

This is the last part of my winter trip to Spain. Previously, I covered Barcelona, Valencia and Granada. Seville is not just home to the famous Spanish team Sevilla but also extremely rich in history. Flamenco dance is definitely the top few of the to-do list. Tapas bar hopping became one of my favourite hobbies…

Street Photography (Granada)

This is a continuation of my street photography series in Spain. Previously, I had the ones in Barcelona and Valencia posted. Granada is a photography paradise, from the clobbled streets to the UNESCO site Alhambra. For those who have not been there, I hope to convey the feel of my experience there through my shots.

Street Photography (Valencia)

Valencia is located approximately a 4 hours bus ride from Barcelona, it is often overlooked despite its proximity to the most touristic city in Spain. It gives a different kind of vibe though, chill and artistic, something which I hope to convey pictorially via this post. And probably it might be on your bucket list…

Street Photography (Barcelona Part II)

This is the 2nd series to my street photography in Barcelona. It is a fantastic city for street photography and no doubt it is ranked one of the top cities in the world by street photographers. This blog post consists of shots taken at Casa Batllo, Montjuic Castle, Sagrada Familia.  

Street Photography (Barcelona Part I)

This is the first series of my street photography in Spain. I spent 3 full days in Barcelona alone, overall I have got a pretty big pile of raw photos to sort out. The photos from this blog post are mainly from Las Ramblas, Barcelona Cathedral, La Boqueria Market and Bunker del Carmel. Enjoy the…