Why Should You Do A Road Trip In USA?

Growing up in the city and not having the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, I became a fan of my own adventures. I miss USA. I was contented. I was carefree. I was myself. And more specifically , I miss the road trips taken there.


Badlands National Park, South Dakota

_MG_4140World Famous Square Ice-cream at Rainey Creek

I did a major coast to coast round trip in USA with three good friends two summers ago. We started off in Santa Cruz, California. Then went via north (Montana) to New York City and came back via the South (Texas). It took us a month. I wished it was longer but nevertheless it was perfect. The highlights from the adventure aren’t just the beautiful national parks we slept at, neither the famous cities that we had seen on social media. One of the things I like most is the pleasure of driving on the roads in USA.


_MG_6090Desert View Point, Grand Canyon South Rim

My photos albums bring back stunning memories. I remember the hits from the radio stations streaming by my ears as I drove into the horizon while watching the sun sets. I still listen to the playlist I created in my iPod for that summer. It relieves the moments that felt like it happened yesterday. We would have little chats about everything under the sun. We talked about how some time down the road we will be reminiscing about that particular moment. And here am I writing about it and reminiscing it right now. We argued over the smallest things. We were in love with the roads. We can drive for miles and miles without seeing any form of civilization, just the plains and us. That moment was familiar and not daunting in any way, it was my classic memory of road tripping in USA.

Nothing are built like the roads in USA. From the interstates to dirt roads, they offer different experiences. USA is not budget travel friendly because of the huge land masses, that means you got to travel more distances to see something. But don’t let it stop you from having a road trip in USA. The best method is to rent a car and drive it around, try to get maximum capacity in the car to make this method economically efficient. The price of gas decreases as you travel towards the Midwest and tends to be steeper in the West and East. Try camping and cooking your own food in national parks. They save you some money. If you are visiting more than four national parks, consider getting the annual pass.


_MG_4539Yellowstone National Park

I have taken many small road trips in USA, specifically in the west. You can’t miss out the Pacific Coast Highway. You can’t miss out the magnificent national parks which offer perspectives and leave you wondering how insignificant you are to the world. You can’t miss out the beautiful architecture city of Chicago. You can’t miss out Niagara Falls; the Canadian side looks more awesome. You can’t miss out the Sin City, Las Vegas. There are so many things that you can’t miss out and these give you reasons to take an epic road trip in USA.

I love road trips. They are my kind of adventure. Thanks to H, D and S for the wonderful memories of that road trip in the summer of 2012.

Wonderful photos in this post are courtesy of Hugo.

_MG_3872South Lake Tahoe


  1. Completely agree! We’ve just done a 20 day road trip & I would encourage it to anyone. The drives along the West Coast and places like Utah, Arizona beat any other drive. Stopping at random places en route, diners and sleazy motels is so much fun, you can’t get that on any other road trip!

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