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Why Should You Do A Road Trip In USA?


Growing up in the city and not having the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, I became a fan of my own adventures. I miss USA. I was contented. I was carefree. I was myself. And more specifically , I miss the road trips taken there.


Badlands National Park, South Dakota

_MG_4140World Famous Square Ice-cream at Rainey Creek

I did a major coast to coast round trip in USA with three good friends two summers ago. We started off in Santa Cruz, California. Then went via north (Montana) to New York City and came back via the South (Texas). It took us a month. I wished it was longer but nevertheless it was perfect. The highlights from the adventure aren’t just the beautiful national parks we slept at, neither the famous cities that we had seen on social media. One of the things I like most is the pleasure of driving on the roads in USA.


Travel, USA

This Is Why I Love The Pacific Coast Highway In California

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067Capitola Beach, California

The Pacific Coast Highway is also known as Highway 1. It runs along the pacific coast of California. You can start up north in San Francisco and drive down to Los Angeles. There are faster alternatives like the Interstate 5 and Highway 101 which runs further inland. I have done the pacific coast highway four times in a year and I still want to do it again. You need to add this scenic drive to your to-do road trip list and I mean it. Flipping through any travel guide books or Google searches will reveal that it is often mentioned in them. It is usually in the top ten road trips in the world and it really does live it up.