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The Beauty Of Antelope Canyon

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The Antelope Canyon is located at Page, Arizona. It is one of the most visited ‘slot’ canyon in the American Southwest. It is mainly split into the Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. The Lower Antelope Canyon is less visited but still attracts a good amount of photographer. For purchase of the tour run by the Navajo tribe, it can¬†bought from the parking area. The tour starts off with a 20 minutes 4×4 drive to the canyon site. I actually enjoyed the ride although it was bumpy with sand flying all around. There are specific timings for the tour because the sunlight will get into the canyon at around noon in the summer. I paid 40 dollars for the tour. Should you take it? I thought it was worth the money because it was on my ‘to-see’ bucket list for first timer.



Travel, USA

Top 5 Most Scenic National Parks In USA


I am a big fan of America’s National Park. I wish I could spend my time camping around these national parks because that is the best way to soak up what nature has got to offer. Many of these national parks are no doubt beautiful but I came across these particularly five that captured my attention.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The area of this national park is real big, it extends into Idaho and Montana. If you remember how water fountains works, you get to see the real one here. Geysers eruption are stunning and explosive as the mother earth can get. There are many waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park, each captivating to their own. This place is a heaven for hikers and photographers. And not forgetting wildlife lovers, the wildlife are pretty diverse. One of my favorite moments would be herds of bison crossing. A couple of days is needed to see most of this national park due to its immerse size.

065Look at the crowd waiting for Old Faithful’s eruption