The Beauty Of Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyon is located at Page, Arizona. It is one of the most visited ‘slot’ canyon in the American Southwest. It is mainly split into the Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. The Lower Antelope Canyon is less visited but still attracts a good amount of photographer. For purchase of the tour run by the Navajo tribe, it can bought from the parking area. The tour starts off with a 20 minutes 4×4 drive to the canyon site. I actually enjoyed the ride although it was bumpy with sand flying all around. There are specific timings for the tour because the sunlight will get into the canyon at around noon in the summer. I paid 40 dollars for the tour. Should you take it? I thought it was worth the money because it was on my ‘to-see’ bucket list for first timer.





IMG_0431A beam of light getting into Lower Antelope Canyon

The following pictures were from Hugo who went on to Lower Antelope Canyon, pretty stunning I say. I will let the pictures do the talking.







Lastly, take note of these.


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