Get Up To 10% CashBack For Your Travels? Introducing The ShopBack Cashback Buddy!

Many of you out there would have heard of ShopBack. It provides cash back on your purchases if you do a clickthrough to the merchant’s site via ShopBack. The portfolio of merchants included in their list is growing rapidly and spans across a variety of industries. Some of our favourite merchants range from travel companies such as Airbnb and Agoda to fashion shopping sites such as ASOS. Personally, I have found the cashback to be super attractive especially when I shop on ASOS because of the upsized cashback (usually 3.5% – 5% on ShopBack) on top of the ASOS site discount (up to 70%!).


Time to start planning for the 2019 long weekend!

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This is a $20 dollar cashback on a $340 hotel transaction on Expedia, which translates into a 6% cashback!

The problem here is that we can easily get carried away with buying a new pair of jeans or even big-ticket items such as plane tickets. As a result, we forget to click through to our shopping websites via ShopBack and as a result, there goes our cashback savings! HOWEVER, the good news is that Shopback has launched a web browser extension otherwise known as the CashBack Buddy. The ShopBack Browser Extension notifies you whenever you are on an online store that is eligible for Cashback from ShopBack. This reduces the problem of going back into ShopBack and ensuring that you clicked through to get to the merchant page for checkout. 


Shop at your favourite store and get notified when Cashback is available via ShopBack


Click on the “Get Cashback” button to activate your Cashback. Cashback tracker is active when the ‘S’ logo is green.

Enjoy Cashback from Taobao so much more easily with Cashback Buddy

I’m sure everyone is aware of the upcoming Singles Day sale – which is one of the biggest online shopping event ever. What everyone also needs to be aware of is the fact that the ShopBack extension makes  earning Cashback from Taobao that much easier. Without the extension, you will need to use the search bar on the Taobao page within ShopBack and then add to cart the items available in the search result presented to you. Then you will have to repeat those same steps. But with the extension, the search bar is embedded in the extension which means no need for you to alternate between the search bar within the Taobao page in ShopBack and the search results page in the Taobao website. So convenient!


At the time of writing, I have tested and installed the Chrome extension of the CashBack Buddy. Once, I have fallen prey to the indulgence of online shopping and missed out on cashback, but once bitten, twice shy. Have you also been a victim of missing out on great cash savings? Perhaps it’s high time to download this awesome extension and pass on the good news!

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