Top Websites You Should Be Using To Stretch Your Dollar – 12.12 Sales And Cyber Monday Sales

It is once again the time of the year where almost everyone around you will be overseas or shopping somewhere. This also means that your expenditure will be higher than usual. But fret not, with the right resources and being budget conscious will stretch your every dollar. Since we are ushering in the period of Thanksgiving, I would like to share with my readers where I get my tips and tricks to being able to travel moderately and save up diligently. I have a list of websites that I do visit from time to time to keep myself updated on deals and financial know-how. These type of deals range from flight promotions to credit card sign-ups to general financial planning and so on.

1) MoneyDigest

MoneyDigest is one of my favourite deal websites for food and travel promotions. They cover some financial know-how but I prefer their deal announcements. For a faster and more convenient read, you can follow their Facebook for the latest updates. With more than 100k likes, it means that any promotions posted will run out fast. One recent example is a SGD 600+ return trip to Wellington on Singapore Airlines. I particularly like the food promotions where they usually blast 1 for 1 buffet deals and cheap eats.

2) Seedly

Seedly itself is a financial app to track your finances. Personally, I have not tried it because I have my own habits of tracking my finances. What made me give a thumbs up is their blog section where there are frequent articles and guides about financial reality. These can be enlightening to people of all ages groups, especially those in their 20s and 30s as they are the easily the most related group. For the blog section, please follow their Facebook for regular updates. There is a community in which multilateral interactions can take place gaining you different perspectives.

3) ShopBack

ShopBack is the ultimate cashback app/website to use when it comes to shopping, be it buying a flight ticket or electronics. I have previously mentioned it back in 2015 and since then, they have grown so much more. They work with literally every online merchant, at least those that Singaporeans usually purchase from. Besides cashback, they have regular updates on shopping and travel promotions on their Facebook page. It has essentially become a ‘why not’ option to use when it comes to online retail transactions. One of my own recent example is that I got a $15.18 cashback from a $145 hotel stay in Santorini that I booked through Expedia. That was a generous 10% cashback on top of my credit card spending privileges (be it cashback or rewards card). All you have to do is the click on the merchant link via ShopBack website.

Cyber Monday Sales was a blast. Not to worry if you are wondering whether you have missed the biggest one of the year. There is another upcoming 12.12 salewhich you can take advantage of using ShopBack. 12.12 is a big day for e-commerce mentioned by CNBC.

If you are not a ShopBack member yet, here is your chance to get a bonus $10 cashback on your first purchase with: ! Spend that money on your holiday!

4) Milelion

Milelion is instrumental for travellers who are more interested in earning miles and travel reviews. One particular segment I really like is the mention of credit card mile-earning articles as well as frequent updates and comparisons of credit cards. I would say that this is a very good website for SG-based frequent travellers. They have a Facebook page if you are a fan.

5) ASSI (A Singaporean Stock Investor)

ASSI is a blog run by AK who is the author. I have been visiting his site since I was 20 years old. This is more for people interested in investing some of their money into stocks, specifically in the Singaporean stock market. The blog informs on insurance and CPF, which can be helpful for those trying to find some unbiased information. From an equity investor’s perspective, thumbs up for this blog.

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