A Walk Down Wangfujing Snack Street In Beijing

Located at Wangfujing Station of Beijing Subway Line 1, Wangfujing (Chinese : 王府井 literally: “Prince’s Mansion Well”) is a popular shopping district for both locals and foreigners. The snack street sells exotic food and many other local food delights. It is off the main street, distinguished by the big sign board right before you enter the crowded area. It was in Spring and during the long holiday period in China, hence the place was pretty packed. Let the pictures do the talking!

P1060503-2The snack street entrance

P1060501-2You can spot the street entrance on the right with the white Chinese words on grey signage board. Starting with “王府井”, read from the top.

P1060507-2Scorpions on the stick rather than hot dogs


P1060537-2BBQ quails and fresh oysters for sale

P1060539-2Spot the creatures for yourself! Amazed with what the Chinese can come up with. Snakes, geckos, centipedes, millipedes, crickets. WOW.

P1060506-2Their legs were still moving when I took this. Look at how the legs were blurred and only the bodies were focused on my lens.

P1060505-2Not too expensive, ranging from Yuan 8 to 25 for a stick

P1060517-2Tentacles for you?

P1060535-2Yes they do sell other food other than the exotic ones!

P1060511-2The whole street is characterized by the red lanterns overhead.

P1060524-2Came off the snack street into this eating place where they sell decent food.

P1060516-2Yeah, it got pretty packed at some parts, people were literally pushing around. Beware of your belongings!



P1060541-2This store had got a long line for it, didn’t try it though.

P1060529-2Translated into ‘Old Beijing Scenic Street’


P1060518-2Up close and dangerous


P1060501-2Oh Beijing, so old and yet so much to see.

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Bryan is a miles chaser by day and travel writer (maybe a vlogger) by night. He prefers to be lost and not found. He travels for adventure, culture and view of the world. His favourite travel philosophy is "Inspiring More to Inspire Others".

2 thoughts on “A Walk Down Wangfujing Snack Street In Beijing

  1. This place was so shocking to me when I first arrived. I didn’t try any of the delicacies though. I saw a tanghulu stall and got my fix from that – no fried scorpions for me thank you! 😛


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