A Foodie Entry In Bangkok

Bangkok is well-known for the street food and everyone whom have been there knows it. From the name of it, I didn’t go to places where people recommended on articles since they can be found on the streets. Instead, I bought whatever I saw during my time there and it turned out to be fanFOODtastic! Be prepared to hold your drool!

P1050651I found this delicious looking stall right outside Terminal 21 leading to the Asok BTS. My rule of the thumb for eating street food is to make sure they are heated over fire for some time before consumption. And it works, I did not get sick, maybe just yet to.



P1050720This coconut ice-cream at Chatuchak Market turned out pretty tasty.

P1050717Strawberry Frappe, it’s really sweet.

P1050718Fried squid eggs



P1050689Chicken on sticks



P1050698Pad Thai in a restaurant

P1050688Eating Pad Thai along the streets became one of my favorites in Bangkok, much cheaper than in restaurants.

P1050697Seafood Tom Yum Soup

P1050645Japanese food is cheap in Bangkok, consider it a steal.

P1050644I have no idea why were there only 3 fries.

P1050663The famous mango sticky rice

P1050659Tastes for mango sticky rice can differ between the ones on streets and in restaurants. I recommend to try both!

P1050696Fried tofu

P1050693Rice sticks


P1050658Pad See Ew

All kinds of food can be found at every corner of Bangkok, my advice is to don’t restrict yourself to the popular ones. Try more things and who knows which is going to taste better. Be sure that you get into a food coma over there! One of my favorite places for wide choices of unique food will be Chatuchak Market. So put it on your visit list!

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