19 Signs That You Are A Travel Addict Or Loves To Travel

Now is the time of the year when you see tons of travel pictures on social media. Have you realize the spike in travel photos in your Facebook feeds? June is the period where kids go on their much-anticipated school holidays and the parents are taking time off from work to enjoy their precious time of the year to bring their kids on vacations. Your school mate just went on summer exchange in some European countries. Your boyfriends or girlfriends went on long haul flights to some exotic destinations for their graduation trip, leaving you thinking when it is going to be your turn. Your colleague just went on vacation to some island paradise, and you dread covering his or her work. Everyone is traveling, for whatever reasons.

Here it goes!

1) You enjoy flipping through Lonely Planet guidebooks even you are not going to that place anytime soon.

LPVia Tumblr

2) You can’t stop looking at the world map on where to go next.

atlasVia Tumblr

3) You try to remember the cities in each countries and what’s the capital of each countries.

BigBangVia Tumblr

4) You have a desire to travel the world, even knowing that it’s unrealistic and that’s what EVERYONE wants to do.

planeVia Tumblr

5) You don’t get bored with travel photos that your friends posted on Facebook.

facebookVia Tumblr

6) You have a favorite city to live in.

citiesVia Tumblr

7) You want your proposal/wedding to be held in a foreign place, somewhere you think it is romantic.

weddingscooterVia Tumblr

8) You work and save to fund your next trip.

wntVia Tumblr

9) You have a playlist or song to remember each place you travel to.

playlistVia Tumblr

10) Booking flights give you an amazing sense of euphoria.

euphoriaVia Tumblr

11) You are constantly looking at travel blogs and anything related, probably an hour or more per day.

whatVia reddit

12) Travel is your type of drug

weedVia Tumblr

13) Coming home is like a vacation instead.

trainVia Tumblr

14) You feel more freedom than anything else when you are traveling.

freedomVia Tumblr

15) You use airport codes instead of cities name.

kiddingVia Tumblr

16) You have a standard list of answers to the questions people ask when you travel; ‘where are you from’, ‘where have you traveled’.

rollVia Tumblr

17) You enjoy talking to other travelers like they are your best friends.

travelingVia Giphy

18) You wish to dump your work and catch the next flight right away but you can’t.

sickVia Giphy

19) You have friends all over the world and you can’t wait to finish visiting all of them.

glassesVia Tumblr

Thanks for reading, have a good summer!

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