The Different Sides Of Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a major tourist attraction, the most ionic icon that defines the city of San Francisco. Grand and touristy as it seems, it might just be the perfect place to meet your other half. A romantic story that revolves around the Golden Gate Bridge, how lovely it sounds. You might have seen pictures of the bridge in many postcards and you might want to snap some pictures for yourself instead. Here’s some pictures I got from exploring spots around the bridge.

IMG_0051 Golden Gate Bridge from Chrissy Field



IMG_0048The Alcatraz Island

DSCN0174Golden Gate from Alcatraz Island

DSCN1395Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge can be an unforgettable experience.




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Bryan is a miles chaser by day and travel writer (maybe a vlogger) by night. He prefers to be lost and not found. He travels for adventure, culture and view of the world. His favourite travel philosophy is "Inspiring More to Inspire Others".

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