5 Reasons Why Taiwan Should Be On Your Bucket List

I had a backpacking trip to Taiwan a month ago and it was a blast. From the beach to the mountains, Taiwan has got so much to offer. I am pretty surprised that when it comes to backpacking Asia, Taiwan is rarely the top few of the bucket list, Thailand is usually on top of the list, where else. Everyone has got their own reasons for traveling to a country, it can be part of your GAP year adventure. Read my post about GAP year here. Here are my reasons for you to book a ticket to Taiwan!

P1020996Here’s one of the best views I got after traveling around Kenting, Taiwan on my scooter.

P1030065Sunset in Kenting, the most southern point in Taiwan.

1) Food

In almost every city that I went to in Taiwan has got a night market. Probably it is a trademark of Taiwan, but this means you can have a great selection of local food at cheap prices! Night market food in Taiwan is cheap and delicious, one serving of smelly tofu costs a dollar or two. Out of the night markets, there are plenty of food stalls and restaurants around, a definitely must-try if you have a thing for asian food. The convenience stores in Taiwan are open 24/7 and they sell food in there, you will never stay hungry in the middle of the night after your party.

P1020472You need to know how to use a pair of chopsticks or you got to use your hands. Most places do not have forks! They do it the Chinese way.



P1020538Sorry for making you guys hungry if you are reading this at night.

2) Outdoor adventures

There are quite a few mountains in Taiwan that are worth looking at if you are a serious hiker. Taiwan has the highest mountain in East Asia, which is the Jade Mountain (Yushan), the trails look pretty interesting and challenging, Do it in winter and you need to prepare snow gear. If you are a landscape photographer, you will get stunning shots of the Taiwan mountains. During summer, people usually cycle around the island of Taiwan, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. This may take a couple of weeks but there are plenty to explore everywhere.

P1020753This biking path is relatively easy and scenic.

3) Culture & safety

Taiwanese are one of the most friendly and honest group of people around in the world. People are usually laid back and helpful, there are no worries about getting lost somewhere because someone will be offering help before you know it. Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world, I never felt any danger in any of the cities I traveled in Taiwan. However, things can happen so take precautions by know which streets to avoid and stuff.

P1030630Taipei 101, fifth tallest skyscrapers in the world, as of time of writing.


4) Cost of living

The cost of living in Taiwan is generally affordable, much cheaper when compared to the West, no tips culture, oh yeah. People can earn their comfortable living and decide what to do with their money. If you are a native English speaker and like to teach, being an English teacher can be your thing and fund your travels. It pays pretty well, why not?


5) Transport

Transportation is Taiwan is easy and affordable. I traveled around the island mainly via train and bus. In Taipei itself, the whole city is connected by subway, it is really easy to get to places around the city. If you are in need of time and willing to trade off some cash for time, you can take the High Speed Rail, however the HSR does not go around the island. Whenever I walked out of the train stations, there are always taxis waiting out there. The train station and the bus station are usually located in close proximity. Out of Taipei, most people own a scooter, it makes things convenient when you are running some errands every now and then.



I hope it helped.

So, start planning and get going.

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  1. I have always been thinking of visiting Taiwan!! But then, I think that’s pretty normal for a Singaporean. Thanks for the post. 🙂

  2. I really like this summarised write-up and the photographs you had taken. I fully agree with all the points! We love Taiwan when we travelled there and would most likely go back again in the future. The people are so nice and friendly!
    Will check out your other posts too!

    1. Hi Cat, I appreciate your positive feedback. I had a visit to your blog and I like the concept of your family sharing about your travels details. It is no doubt very helpful and interesting. The pictures on your blog looks awesome. I look forward to future posts by you & Vin.

  3. Hi Bryan

    Indeed its a blessing to stumble upon your blog by chance as Im planning to visit Taiwan in Nov 15! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! The information provided will definitely help in my planning for the trip.

    Just out curiosity, will there be food stall selling vegetarian or halal food at the night market? As I will be on a 7D6N budgeted solo trip, where would you recommend for me that is worth exploring out of Taipei?

    Hope you can advise! 😉



    1. Hi Cda, for vegetarian and halal food, I’m pretty sure that you will find them in night markets. But this is however, city dependent. You will probably find them in bigger ones.

      If you are a outdoor and nature fan, you can consider going to tarako gorge, jade mountain and cingjing farm. These places are in central Taiwan. For nice beaches, head to the most southern part also known as Kenting!

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