So I Got My Working Holiday Visa For New Zealand

Five months from now, I will be moving to New Zealand. Excited? Scared? Probably a little bit of every known feelings. It will be one thing off my travel list. I am delighted that I am heading to New Zealand this summer, winter in New Zealand since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere.

P1030574How often do you sit down and watch the sunset?

So what is exciting about New Zealand, any search on Google will reveal that New Zealand is one of the top backpacking destinations. The working holiday visas to New Zealand are becoming popular all over the world, there are better well-known ones claiming top spots such as USA, Canada and Australia. So why should you go on a working holiday to New Zealand. Here’s five reasons from me.

1) Loads of hiking trails and endless landscape

For adventure and photography lovers , this is a must do country. The landscapes are breathtaking, remember those amazing landscape photos on Flickr, National Geographic magazine, they can be found in New Zealand. Time to put your lenses and hiking boots into action!

2) Helps to finance your travels

Feeling that your pocket is taking some hits from traveling and your bank account might be dry soon? Take up some jobs to fund yourself. The visa enables you to find any kind of jobs except permanent ones. Some examples of jobs that working holiday makers work are kiwi plucking and vineyards workers. The minimum wage in New Zealand right now is 13.75, if you work a 40 hours week, it can bring up roughly 550NZD a week, I say it is pretty good.

3) Huge network of backpackers

New Zealand has a huge network of backpackers, you will always find someone doing the same hiking trails as you, selling cars or offering jobs. Pretty much everywhere you go, you will have some news friends. So good news! You can actually go on a working holiday to New Zealand alone! Make friends on the go! You can try couchsurfing or offering some working hours in return for accommodation if you want to save some money. Everyone is doing it in New Zealand.

IMG_0761Enjoy what the world has got to offer.

4) Safety

Being in the top 5 safest countries in the world, you will have less to worry about your own safety. I do not mean you can just leave your stuff anywhere you want, but your family and friends will have an easier time knowing that you are in a safe country.

5) Give yourself a break

Whether you are a student on GAP year or an officer worker, give yourself the opportunity to go to a new country and experience the culture. Read about my post on GAP year here. The working holiday visa is mainly for people aged 18-30, this varies between countries. We all live once, work can wait, sleep can wait, get out of your comfort zone and prove yourself. I have not come across people who regretted doing a working holiday in New Zealand, so it might be a good place to start with.

Take the leap of faith with love.

P1020397I love viewing sunset from planes.

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