4 Good Reasons To Travel Solo

Traveling alone may be a big issue to some people and most people don’t do it. Some people say that what if they get lonely when traveling. Some people say what if they don’t speak the language and get lost somewhere. People are all looking at the negatives of traveling alone. Here, I have 4 good  reasons why traveling alone can be awesome.


1) Discover the REAL you and get out of you comfort zone

Back home in your daily life you will be meeting your friends when you go to school and work. You are in a familiar environment and you are comfortable with that. Traveling alone means you will step into a new dimension, where you will discover your true self. This can be intimidating at first. It can be how you make new friends on the streets of Rio de Janerio, or maybe sleeping in a 8 bed hostel somewhere in Thailand. Being out of the your own comfort zone, you will be able to realize what really interest you and what scares you.

2) You can go anywhere you want

Imagine the freedom of going anywhere you want as compared to asking a friend for opinion and end up being somewhere you do not want to be in that much. You do not want to put yourself in an awkward position when your friend comes along with you to your desired location. There are rare cases that actually turn the friendship sour because of a simple issue like that.

3) Meeting new people and getting to know the world

Meeting new people can be awesome and scary at the same time. Imagine you and your friend just joined an adventure tour to Peru. There are more chances that you will talking to your friend than the person opposite or beside you that you barely know. But if you are alone, you are going to talk to just anyone or everyone around the dining table. Nothing is better than hearing about the crazy travel experiences of others, and these stories tend to amaze you.

4) You will learn to be independent

A fresh graduate may be living under the shelters of his family and friends all his life. But when it comes to traveling alone, he got to do the job himself because if he does not do it, no one else is going to do it. This might be the first time he is going to wash his laundry himself, or his virgin brainstorm on how to budget his remaining travel funds. Traveling alone toughens up your character and learn to take hardship.

DSCN0718Machu Picchu

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