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What Makes Peru A Paradise For Outdoor Adventures?

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Would you like some outdoor adventures in South America? Peru would be a good choice! Peru is not just about Machu Pichu. Read about my thoughts of traveling in Peru.


Kayaking at Lake Titikaka

Have you try sea kayaking at high altitude? Check out Lake Titikaka in Peru! The nearest accessible city will be Puno, people usually travel there to access the lake. Situated at the border of Bolivia and Peru, it is a lake divided between these two countries. It is the world highest navigable lake at 3800 meters above sea level. Yes, that means you got less oxygen to work with and need more time to acclimatize to the high altitude. I spent two days exploring the Peruvian side of Lake Titikaka on my kayak. The Uros islands have some pretty lovely history and are part of the major tourist attractions in Peru. Home stay at Armantani Island was enriching. It was a good place to rest from hours of kayaking in the day and the ideal place to explore some local culture. Staying with the locals was the perfect time to practice my Spanish. Try playing soccer on this island with other travelers and locals, you will feel the effect of high altitude in your performance. I felt like a blown tire lying by the side of the freeway after ten minutes, totally exhausted from the game. Kayaking at such altitude is not an easy feat but it is a good workout for sure. Most tour companies offer one-man and two-man kayak, so pick your choice. You wouldn’t want to miss out such a cultural and adventurous opportunity in Puno area.


Peru, Travel

My Thoughts About Traveling In Peru


My first country to visit in South America is Peru. South America is captivating, when I was in Peru, I wanted to go to Chile and hike the Patagonia. People asked me, why South America or why not Central America, precisely why Peru? Well the answer I’m going to give is because of Machu Pichu, it is going to be my first new 7 wonders of the world. I know Mexico has got the Chichén Itzá, but that can wait. Well, it is not just because of Machu Pichu.


1) Learn some basic Español

When I first landed in Lima, the capital of Peru, the airport was pretty good with some English translation on directions boards and stuff. Pretty much, people in Lima speak minimal English, basic words here and there but it is good if you know some basic Spanish. I tried ordering some food from Subway in Lima and I encountered some difficulty in getting my order across to the crew. Fortunately, one of the guy working there know some English because my Spanish vocabulary is not that good when it comes to food. The further you travel away from Lima, the chances of people not speaking English falls greatly.