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My Thoughts About Traveling In Peru


My first country to visit in South America is Peru. South America is captivating, when I was in Peru, I wanted to go to Chile and hike the Patagonia. People asked me, why South America or why not Central America, precisely why Peru? Well the answer I’m going to give is because of Machu Pichu, it is going to be my first new 7 wonders of the world. I know Mexico has got the Chichén Itzá, but that can wait. Well, it is not just because of Machu Pichu.


1) Learn some basic Español

When I first landed in Lima, the capital of Peru, the airport was pretty good with some English translation on directions boards and stuff. Pretty much, people in Lima speak minimal English, basic words here and there but it is good if you know some basic Spanish. I tried ordering some food from Subway in Lima and I encountered some difficulty in getting my order across to the crew. Fortunately, one of the guy working there know some English because my Spanish vocabulary is not that good when it comes to food. The further you travel away from Lima, the chances of people not speaking English falls greatly.