Do You Know The Difference Between A Tourist And A Traveler

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You remembered this moment on the plane, you were flying back to your home country and going back to work in the next 24 hours after a 2 weeks vacation in the Caribbean. You try to get yourself to sleep in that uncomfortable airplane seat but you could not. Your mind was filled with dreadful thoughts of being back to reality and you thought hard of your next vacation, where and when it is going to be. At the same time, you can’t wait to get home and share your beautiful tour photos with your family and friends. You got to get back to work and earn that hole in your bank account from that expensive tour of yours. When you stepped into your driveway, you felt a sense of happiness because you were back at somewhere familiar. Are you a traveler or tourist?

profile-5-2A tourist came to see what he has to see and a traveler came to see what he has got to see.

I wonder what are the differences between a tourist and a traveler? I see myself fading in and out of both categories. I am not a fan of this debate about being a traveler or tourist. But time passes and you see the differences for yourself. I am not going to write some economic level essay to compare between these two categories.  At the end of the day, do not let this fall into any type of stereotyping because we all have different ways to explore the world in our own ways. Just like how every one of us have our likes, dislikes and own definition of comfort. Here are some general areas I observed and experienced to help you identify yourself and maybe people around you.


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So I Got My Working Holiday Visa For New Zealand

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Five months from now, I will be moving to New Zealand. Excited? Scared? Probably a little bit of every known feelings. It will be one thing off my travel list. I am delighted that I am heading to New Zealand this summer, winter in New Zealand since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere.

P1030574How often do you sit down and watch the sunset?

So what is exciting about New Zealand, any search on Google will reveal that New Zealand is one of the top backpacking destinations. The working holiday visas to New Zealand are becoming popular all over the world, there are better well-known ones claiming top spots such as USA, Canada and Australia. So why should you go on a working holiday to New Zealand. Here’s five reasons from me.


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Why Should You Do A GAP Year?

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Ever heard of GAP year? That means taking a long period off whatever commitment you have, mainly school or maybe work. I know that most of you felt pressured by your friends when you see them already out there working, you felt that you should quickly get a job too and start earning your keep to pay off your study loans.

DSCN0520GAP year or GAP years?

There are numerous articles over the internet explaining why you should do a GAP year and how it benefits you. They usually explained how GAP year allow you to experience the world and how it enhances you as a person, making you a better person for the next phrase of your life. Those are true and no doubt you should do GAP year for that. Well I think that GAP year is about YOURSELF, not for whatever reasons stated those articles. Reach out deep within your inner self and discover that you really want in the next phrase of your life. I am talking about graduates that are going to enter the harsh working world. Because this is the stage in life where there are uncertainties going on.