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This Is Why I Love The Pacific Coast Highway In California

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067Capitola Beach, California

The Pacific Coast Highway is also known as Highway 1. It runs along the pacific coast of California. You can start up north in San Francisco and drive down to Los Angeles. There are faster alternatives like the Interstate 5 and Highway 101 which runs further inland. I have done the pacific coast highway four times in a year and I still want to do it again. You need to add this scenic drive to your to-do road trip list and I mean it. Flipping through any travel guide books or Google searches will reveal that it is often mentioned in them. It is usually in the top ten road trips in the world and it really does live it up.


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Why The Best Time To Travel Is In Your 20s?


050Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

As I get closer to my mid 20s, things gradually change. I no longer hang out with friends from college. I turned down parties invitation. I start to wonder how is life going to be down the road. I want to do something out of the ordinary. I do not want to live my life just for expectations of others. I am not going to live a life of going to school, get a job, get married, buy a house and have 1.5 children. It is a rat race.


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5 Reasons Why Taiwan Should Be On Your Bucket List


I had a backpacking trip to Taiwan a month ago and it was a blast. From the beach to the mountains, Taiwan has got so much to offer. I am pretty surprised that when it comes to backpacking Asia, Taiwan is rarely the top few of the bucket list, Thailand is usually on top of the list, where else. Everyone has got their own reasons for traveling to a country, it can be part of your GAP year adventure. Read my post about GAP year here. Here are my reasons for you to book a ticket to Taiwan!

P1020996Here’s one of the best views I got after traveling around Kenting, Taiwan on my scooter.

P1030065Sunset in Kenting, the most southern point in Taiwan.