I’m Bryan Lim. I am an adventurer from the wild, a photographer born in the city, a writer within the woods and your storyteller next door.

My endless curiosity about the world brings me to different corners of the world. Call it the wanderlust. Traveling was never really a part of me till I turned 22. I used to follow my parents on beautiful vacations when I was a kid, but had never understood the whole thing about traveling. Or perhaps, the nomadic fire was already in me waiting to be released into to the wild.

The first time I took a plane solo to California, I felt liberated from myself. I felt a connection between the world and my soul. Ever since I love solo travels because I discover new meanings about myself each time. I’m a fan of road trips, especially long ones because they make you realize how precious little things are when you are on the move. I believe every place on Earth has a deep beauty to it, which I try very much to capture it through my lens.

There’s a unique meaning to the title of my blog. The More I Travel, _______________. The 2nd part of the sentence is different for everyone. I trust that everyone has their own unique reasons for traveling and will discover your own special completion to it. To me, it is something that is infinite.

Traveling expands my palette, writing expresses my thoughts and photography speaks more than a thousand words. To me, these are complements to my role in relating my stories to you. This blog is dedicated to everyone out there. You don’t have to be a traveler to enjoy my blog, you just have to be yourself and you will find meaning and peace from within. I hope you are inspired and discover your very own dreams.

With Hope & Love, 

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats on being published on thought catalog and your blog! I know your work is old and it has been a while but just wanted to say congrats on your work! Hope your 2018 has been amazing!


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